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Advice From A Professional Careers Adviser Is Extremely Helpful

Lewis had his first guidance interview in Year 10 at Priesthorpe School. He wanted to find out about his options and make decisions about whether he continued with full-time education at school or college. Chris, his Careers Adviser, spent some time explaining the different options, including how apprenticeships are set up and the different jobs you could do.

Carr Manor Primary Explores Careers

It is a sad fact that by the age of 16 many young people have developed stereotypical views of what they can and can’t do when they eventually enter the world of work. As much as teachers and careers guidance professionals in secondary school and 6th forms work hard to raise aspirations and broaden their horizons, it can be difficult to shift perceptions that have developed from an early age.

Shine Careers Adviser Helps Sean Achieve A Positive Outcome

For some individuals, having an independent career guidance professional provide follow-up careers advice can make all the difference. By setting goals, agreeing actions and then reviewing the action plan, Sean* from Ralph Thoresby School was helped with confidence issues to overcome temporary setbacks and move into a positive destination.

Taking The Fear Out Of Job And College Interviews

As part of a very successful Career Education Programme at Abbey Grange Academy Shine Careers Professional, Glyn Ellis from the Shine Careers team led a full day of sessions helping year 11 students to be better prepared for job and college interviews.

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