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The Shine Careers Primary Programme helps you to support the raising of standards of achievement for all your primary age children and broaden their horizons and aspirations with regard to their futures.

Preparing your pupils for the future is a very important part of teaching. For some children it will be making a successful transition to high school at the end of year 6. For others it will be understanding why they are learning so many things and how they may be useful in the future. Some children need to make the connection between education and success, opportunity and a good life in the future.

The Shine Careers Primary Programme can be adapted to meet the needs of your children. We understand the need to address the concerns you have for your pupils. In the programme we:

  • introduce STEM careers
  • challenge gender self stereotyping
  • reinforce the importance of literacy and numeracy in their learning both in school and later life
  • help pupils understand that they need a wide range of enterprise skills
  • introduce the idea of going to university

We understand the pressures on schools to deliver all aspects of the curriculum and we can tailor the programme as a one off event or a series of smaller events to fit in with your timetable.

Your students will:

• grow in self awareness
• be more motivated to achieve
• have positive aspirations

‘Learning about the world of work needs to start at Primary School, waiting until Secondary is too late.’

Kathryn James, Deputy General Secretary of School Leaders’ Union National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT)

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It is a sad fact that by the age of 16 many young people have developed stereotypical views of what they can and can’t do when they eventually enter the world of work. As much as teachers and careers guidance professionals in secondary school and 6th forms work hard to raise aspirations and broaden their horizons, it can be difficult to shift perceptions that have developed from an early age.

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